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YourDiagnosis does a complex analysis of all information gathered about your current symptoms. It then produces a list of all possible medical diagnoses matching your answers. Based on its findings, YourDiagnosis generates a confidential medical report. You can save your report online to your own personal health record.


YourHealthRecord is a secure and convenient way to store health records and medical history in one place. It records all your medication, immunizations, past history and much more. YourHealthRecord enables you a keep a lifelong health record to show your doctor a complete history of your health. YourHealthRecord is an online tool which can be accessible whenever and wherever you need it.


YourSexualDiagnosis is an intelligent medical self diagnosis tool especially designed to identify sexual health issues. It addresses issues like unusual discharges, genital pain, lumps and other sexual health problems. YourSexualDiagnosis can also help couples to confront potentially embarrassing health questions together and also help them to better understand their partner's sexual health issues.


YourSkinDiagnosis is an online self diagnosis tool for skin problems. YourSkinDiagnosis gathers essential information about your skin condition by asking intelligent questions which also includes images to compare with your skin. It then performs a complex analysis to diagnose every possible condition that matches your symptoms, and then calculates the likelihood of each condition or disease. It can also help you to spot the early or warning signs of cancer.


YourNetDoctor is the easiest, quickest and most private way to get answers to your questions directly from an experienced physician. Now you can ask about your sensitive health issues without feeling embarrassed. No one will know who you are, not even the Doctors at YourNetDoctor. One General Physician will take personal care of your case, but every answer is checked and signed off by another doctor for quality review purposes.

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